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It’s the kick off for Phase 3 of SA²GE!

On February 22, the Government of Quebec announced that it was providing $25 million to support four sub-projects totalling investments of more than $50 million as part of a third phase of the SA²GE greener aircraft mobilization project.

We are delighted with this news, which means that new environmental development projects will be launched and that SA²GE's strategic impact on Québec organizations will continue beyond SA²GE -2 as new SMEs, universities and research centres will be mobilized.

The four sub-projects selected by the Government of Quebec following the call for projects that took place in spring 2018 are:

  • The sub-project "Propulsion for Safe, Quiet, Green and Efficient Urban Operations (POUSSÉE)" led by Bell Helicopter Textron Canada, which aims to develop technologies that will improve the power and energy efficiency of vertical take-off vehicle propulsion, while reducing their weight and external noise;

  • The Bombardier-led "Intelligent and Lightweight Wing for the Environment (AILE)" sub-project, which aims to develop technologies to integrate new multifunctional wing concepts into business and commercial aircraft in order to optimize aircraft aerodynamics and thus reduce fuel consumption;

  • The sub-project "Integrated modular avionics for eco-browsing" (EcoNav-3) led by CMC Electronics, for the development of new navigation technologies that reduce the ecological footprint of air transport by optimizing flight plans in particular;

  • Finally, the sub-project "High reliability compact photonic modules for airborne navigation and communication systems" of the SME TeraXion, which aims to develop high reliability compact photonic modules for airborne navigation and communication systems. The aim is to replace heavy and bulky systems with more efficient optical circuits with a reduced ecological footprint.

This third phase will therefore overlap with the current phase 2 and will also be administered by the Regroupement pour le développement de l'avion plus écologique.

More information on the sub-projects will be published shortly.

Keep an eye on our website!

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