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The project for the development of a crew cabin for a new generation aircraft, the LCA60T airship, is a collaboration between two Quebec companies: Delastek and Flying Whales Quebec.  

Delastek is recognized as a specialist in the development, certification, integration, manufacturing and maintenance of all aircraft and airship cockpit components.  

Flying Whales Québec, a Quebec subsidiary of Flying Whales SAS, is developing the LCA60T (Large Capacity Airship 60 Tons) airship, which can transport a 60-ton payload using hybrid electric propulsion and point-to-point without ground infrastructure.   

Development of the Crew Cabin   

The design of the crew cabin includes the cockpit, a workstation for the operator in charge of loading and unloading operations, and a rest area for the crew.  

Delastek and Flying Whales Quebec will develop all the structural elements (primary and secondary) as well as all the interior design elements. They will also manage the development of all the systems required in the cabin (ventilation, lighting, fire detection). Finally, they will be responsible for the complete integration of these elements in the cabin.   

Ecological Components and Computer Systems  

For several years, Delastek has been innovating by using a light structure made of carbon fibre. To reduce the ecological footprint in the design of this new generation aircraft, new materials, integrating natural fibres such as flax fibre, will be studied by Delastek in partnership with institutions and faculties such as the University of Quebec at Trois-Rivières and the INOFIBRE material centre of Trois-Rivières.   


In addition, this project will allow DELASTEK to implement a computer system ensuring an integrated management for all phases of development: creation of designs, configuration management, life cycle management (Product Life Management PLM), production start-up, etc. This will support a more efficient management of large-scale projects with increasingly shorter development times.  

Phase 2  

Following the prototyping of the cockpit by Delastek, Flying Whales Quebec will integrate the cockpit into the airship and proceed with the first ground tests, then will follow in flight. This phase will lead to the certification of the crew cabin before its complete production and commissioning in the following years.  

The development of this fully integrated crew cabin will allow DELASTEK to position itself at the first level of the supply chain in the traditional aeronautics markets. But also, to invest in state-of-the-art equipment, to automate its production and to increase its productivity to increase its competitiveness as a level 1 supplier in the new aeronautical markets of urban mobility.   

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