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This project is a collaboration between Flying Whales Quebec and Pratt & Whitney Canada (P&WC) for the electrification of aeronautical propulsion systems. Flying Whales is developing LCA60T (Large Capacity Airship 60 Tons) airships for heavy lift. With the development of a 1 MW turbogenerator, the objective is to equip aircraft with electric propulsion to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The LCA60T is an airship that will benefit several sectors that need to transport very heavy loads, such as forestry, electrical and renewable energy industries.   

Mobilizing Project 

Flying Whales Québec and P&WC will design, optimize, and prototype an integrated high-power turbine generator system for airships appropriate for hybrid propulsion systems with distributed electric propulsion. The Flying Whales Quebec team will then integrate the power generation system into the airship’s nacelles and systems, and the turbogenerator will be operated in an environment representative of which it will operate in. The P&WC test bench will be modified to reduce the risks associated with future ground testing and flight testing of the turbine generator system.   

To assemble and operate the LCA60T airships in America, an assembly plant will be built in Quebec by Flying Whales Quebec to produce up to 12 LCA60Ts per year, generating significant regional economic benefits. Furthermore, through the development of these new technologies aimed at minimizing the environmental footprint, Flying Whales Quebec and P&WC will be able to potentially integrate these technologies on other platforms in Quebec and in all North and South American markets.   

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