The FARE project (Environmental Friendly Advanced Fuselage) aims to study the development in Québec, in collaboration with various academic and industrial partners, of technologies that reduce weight and increase the efficiency of manufacturing airplane structures made of composite materials and metals. The reduction of greenhouse gases (GHG) and the use of more environmentally friendly materials are also among Bombardier's priorities.


All demonstrators are closely analyzed with Bombardier's Eco-Design team, where the emphasis is placed on minimizing the environmental footprint of the concepts and reduction of possible generated harmful waste.

Three initiatives will help achieve these environmental objectives:

  • An initiative to develop environmentally friendly composite molds. The main objective will be to analyze the cycle of use of the molds within Bombardier and to find innovative solutions for the manufacturing of the next generation of these molds. All these actions converge towards one goal:  enhance life of these molds and therefore, minimize the replacement cycles.

  • A partnership on the recycling of carbon fibers linked to composite materials. This dynamic partnership will be set up with several technical centers in the Montreal region and other OEMs.

  • Reduce the use of consumables used to make carbon fiber parts and finding a way to reuse these products or recycle them.

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